1996 Henry Parkes $1 Silver Proof
1996 Henry Parkes $1 Silver Proof
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1996 Henry Parkes $1 Silver Proof

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1996 Henry Parkes $1 Silver Proof

Henry Parkes had already served more than 50 years in public life when he embarked on the most ambitious political cause of his career. In 1889, Parkes dedicated himself to uniting the seperate colonies of Australia under one federal government.

By 1890 Parkes' political skill had succeeded in winning a Federation Conference in Melbourne (attended by all the Australian and New Zealand colonies).

The conference agreed a Federal Convention should meet in Sydney the following year to draw up a constitution for a federated Australia. In less than one year, Parkes had set the wheels in motion.

Throughout the meetings of the convention, Parkes was the figurehead and maker of inspirational speeches. Although Parkes did not live to see the final constitution (eventually hammered out in the late nineties), the work he had done so much to foster at the beginning of the decade did not die.

He remained an inspiration to later bands of federalists and the final constitution was in most essentials very similar to the original drafts of 1891.

  • Year: 1996
  • Denomination: $1
  • Finish: Proof
  • Metal: Sterling Silver 92.5%
  • Mintage: 20,000

**Please note that the outer box my have some minor scuffs and marks.

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