2004 Baby 6 Coin RAM Unc Set
2004 Baby 6 Coin RAM Unc Set
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2004 Baby 6 Coin RAM Unc Set

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Australia has been producing mint year sets packaged with a "baby" theme since 1993. The coins in mint sets are just the same as those we see in circulation, but are in perfect condition! Baby mint sets are produced in far lower numbers than standard mint sets, so they are far harder to get.

Couple this with the fact that those parents & grandparents that didn't get them when they first came out are willing to pay over the odds to get them, and these sets are great to put away.

The 2004 baby mint set is a little unusual in that it is the first in a few years to not include any commemorative coins! The gift will be none the less for that however, as just 31,036 sets were produced.

**This is a stock image, being a pre loved item the outer case may contain minor scuffs and marks.

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