2011 Australian Bush Babies Bilby $1 PNC
2011 Australian Bush Babies Bilby $1 PNC
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2011 Australian Bush Babies Bilby $1 PNC

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2011 Australian Bush Babies Bilby $1 PNC

The Bilby (Macrotis lagotis) is 2 nocturnal marsupial with distinctive rabbit-like cars, greyish fur and a beautiful bushy black tail with a white tip. It is an omnivore surviving on a diet of seeds, grubs, bulbs, fruit and insects.

When looking for food it first digs with its front legs and then sniffs in the hole with its long nose. Bilby babies are generally born between March and May and stay in the pouch for about 80 days.

A hundred years ago the Bilby was one of Australia's most widespread marsupials, but changes to its habitat have witnessed a dramatic decline in its numbers.

Today it is listed as vulnerable and it is now found only in parts of the Northern Territory

Western Australia, and southwest Queensland. Despite its numbers declining, the Bilby is becoming an increasingly popular Australian icon at Easter.

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