2011 Australian Bush Babies Dingo $1 PNC
2011 Australian Bush Babies Dingo $1 PNC
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2011 Australian Bush Babies Dingo $1 PNC

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The Dingo (Caris lupus dingo) is Australia's native dog. It is typically ginger in colour with markings on the feet, tail tip and chest, Although the young pups, generally four to five in a litter, stay with their mother while learning the art of hunting, they usually live in packs which help rear them.

Their deadliest predator is the wedge-tailed eagle. The dingo has a series of distinctive howls each conveying a different meaning. Unlike other dogs it does not bark.

The dingo's origins have been traced back to a south Asian variety of Grey Wolf and was probably introduced to Australia about 4,000 years ago.

They soon spread to all parts of Australia except Tasmania. Today it is Australia's largest surviving meat-cating mammal and its food includes kangaroos, rabbits, possums and marsupial mice.

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