2013 Holey Dollar & Dump Medallion PNC
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2013 Holey Dollar & Dump Medallion PNC

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Australia's first distinct currency was created when Governor Lachlan Macquarie arranged for a special shipment of 40,000 Spanish silver eight reale coins known as "pieces of eight" on board the Samarang on 26 November 1812.

The centres were stamped out of these coins, which were then counter stamped around the hole with a new value of five shillings on the reverse and "New South Wales 1813" on the obverse. These were the holey dollars".

The centres (the "dumps") that had been removed from the coins were given a value of 15 pence, stamped on the reverse, and a crown and "New South Wales 1813 stamped on the obverse.

  • Stamp design: Phil Ellett, Ethos.
  • Cover design: Jo Muré, Australia
  • Mintage: 5,000


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