2013 Lunar Year of the Snake 50c Carded
2013 Lunar Year of the Snake 50c Carded
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2013 Lunar Year of the Snake 50c Carded

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2013 50c Year of the Snake Tetra-decagon Uncirculated Coin in Card

The Snake is the Sixth animal in the lunar year cycle, following the Dragon Years, and recur every twelfth year.

This tetra-decagon coin draws special attention to the Innovative prowess of the Royal Australian Mint. The second of the series features an artists impression of a snake with the traditional Chinese character for snake positioned on the lower side of the design.

Struck in cupro nickel with an uncirculated finish, this coin is available in two forms of packaging, a beautifully designed coin wallet with symbolic colouring for the Chinese Lunar Year and a unique Perspex packaging in the form of a map of Australia.

Limited numbers are available within Australia.

  • Denomination : 50c
  • Quality : Uncirculated
  • Metal :  Cupro Nickel
  • Mintage : Unlimited

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