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2020 Indian Pacific Impressions 50c PNC
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2020 Indian Pacific Impressions 50c PNC

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2020 Indian Pacific Impressions 50c PNC

On the morning of 26 February 1970, the Indian Pacific passenger service pulled into Perth East rail terminal to be greeted by a cheering crowd, around 10,000 strong.

he train had left Sydney Central station three days before, to embark on the historic first uninterrupted passenger journey on a standard-gauge rail link across the continent from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Indian Ocean in the west.

One of the world's fabled train journeys, today the Indian Pacific travels between Sydney and Perth via Adelaide, a 4,352-kilometre journey of around 65 hours that includes the longest stretch (478 kilometres) of straight track in the world, across the Nullarbor Plain.

he train averages a speed of 85 kilometres per hour. The senvice offers several service levels of luxury accommodation, fine dining and off-train adventures, such as tours of

South Australia's wine regions, excursions into the Blue Mountains and tours of

Kalgoorlie's fascinating gold-mining history.

  • Denomination: 50c
  • Mintage: 1,000


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