2020 Navigating 'Endeavour Voyage' History $1 PNC
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2020 Navigating 'Endeavour Voyage' History $1 PNC

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The Perth Mint and Australia Post are pleased to present this stamp and coin cover to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the British Royal Navy’s research vessel Endeavour reaching Australia in 1770. HM Bark Endeavour, captained by James Cook, embarked on its Pacific voyage on 26 August 1768 with instructions to chart the transit of Venus across the sun at the equator.

Endeavour's exploration of the Pacific Ocean had a tremendous impact on navigation leading to the first large-scale hydrographic surveys and advancements in the measurement of longitude.

Released as Australian legal tender, the uncirculated aluminium bronze coin is housed in a beautifully designed card with a circular window revealing the coin’s reverse and obverse designs.

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