2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz Silver Proof Coin
2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz Silver Proof Coin
2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz Silver Proof Coin
2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz Silver Proof Coin
2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz Silver Proof Coin
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2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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It’s official – you’re no longer alone! We have just declassified an unbelievable coin and it’s about to ‘invade’ your collection. The 2022 $1 ROSWELL 1oz SILVER PROOF COIN commemorates the 75th anniversary of the 1947 ‘Roswell incident’ in New Mexico.

Exclusive & meticulously crafted with ADVANCED minting technology that is out‐of‐this‐world. One look at this Niue legal tender coin and you’ll never be the same! In July 1947, a US Army Air Base in Roswell, New Mexico, issued a statement saying that it had found the wreckage of a ‘flying saucer’. A few days later the base withdrew the story, claiming that the debris was from a weather balloon. Since then, thousands visit the city each year hoping to discover the truth. A mysterious crashed UFO, extra‐terrestrial remains or nothing at all? You decide.

The pristine Proof quality design of the Roswell 2022 $1 1oz Silver Proof Coin is sure to get your heart racing. A detailed ‘grey’ alien dominates the flan, realistically brought to life from glistening 99.9% pure silver. A stark desert landscape lurks in the background, complete with a spacecraft and the otherworldly hues of the universe’s infinite nebula & galaxies. What sets this specimen apart is the gorgeous colours of the cosmos that are hauntingly reflected in the alien’s eyes ‐ contrasting spectacularly against the cool silver tones of its skin.

Sci‐fi fans and coin collectors won’t have to travel very far to get their surge of adrenaline – we’ll send it straight to your door! But with only 750 coins minted across the entire galaxy, underpinned by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this alien won’t remain a mystery long.




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Approx. 39 mm



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