Book - 'Inside the Vault' by Peter Rees
Book - 'Inside the Vault' by Peter Rees
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Book - 'Inside the Vault' by Peter Rees

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Lavishly illustrated, Inside the Vault reveals never-before-seen design sketches and photographs of rare Australian coins, along with stunning archival images of important events and people in the history of Australian coinage, starting from 1799.

Author Peter Rees is an acclaimed journalist and author. He was a federal political correspondent for some of Australia’s major metropolitan newspapers, and is the author of eight books, among them The Boy from Boree Creek: The Tim Fischer Story; Anzac Girls (made into a successful six part ABC mini-series in 2014); and award-winning Bearing Witness: The remarkable life of Charles Bean, Australia’s greatest war correspondent a book which was recognised with the inaugural Anzac Literary Prize in November 2015.

In these sleek pages, Rees delves into the history of coins and tokens in Australia with a look into Australia’s first currency and how coins evolved throughout Australian history.
As 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of decimal currency, Inside the Vault discusses the decimal currency changeover and takes a behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship of designing and sculpting a coin.

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