Selling Your Collection

Australian Specialty Coins have a dedicated buy and sell group on Facebook.

We have a great admin team who manage the page and are always willing to assist our members.

Just click the below link to join!

Facebook Group:

Australian Specialty Coins (Auction's & B.I.N)


We do have a few rules which need to be adhered to when selling via our Facebook group. These rules apply to anyone wanting to become a verified seller!


We do also purchase entire collections, deceased estates along with individual items.

Below is the types of items we are most interested in;

  • Australian Decimal Mint ROLLS & BAGS
  • PCGS Graded Australian Decimal & Pre-Decimal Coins
  • PCGS Graded Australian Notes
  • Uncirculated Carded Coins
  • Mint and Proof Sets
  • Commemorative and Proof Coins

​If you have something to sell, or if you are just looking for some guidance to work out what your collection is worth we are always happy to help.

In some cases, we can come out to see you, otherwise this would generally be done via phone / email.

If you would like more information please contact us via email on 

Don't forget to join our Facebook group!!!