1990 Australia Mint Set
1990 Australia Mint Set
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1990 Australia Mint Set

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1990 Australia 8 Coin Mint Set 


elegant coin set pays tribute to the Australian Aboriginal people. Australian Aboriginals believe that in another time, the

'dreamtime', ancestral spirits wandered the earth in both animal and human forms. 

They created in their travels the features of the land: rivers, hills, waterholes and rock formations. 

They also controlled the movements of the sun and moon, stars, rain clouds and tides. 

These spirits established sacred laws and customs and their travels were embodied in the Aboriginal myths. 

It is through storytelling and decorated objects such as bark paintings that the power and influence of these ancient myths remains undiminished even today.

The Coins.

Seven of the coins feature animals which are often depicted in Aboriginal art. 

The feathertail glider curls up on the one cent coin and the frill-necked lizard is found on the two cent coin. 

The five cent coin is home to the spiny anteater.

The ten and twenty cent coins display two more unique Australians, the lyrebird and the platypus.

Australia's Coat of Arms on the fifty cent coin features both the emu and the kangaroo. 

The kangaroo is also on the one dollar coin.

The two dollar coin completes the set with a portrait of Australia's earliest human inhabitant, the Aboriginal.

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