1993 Landcare 6 coin Mint Set
1993 Landcare 6 coin Mint Set
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1993 Landcare 6 coin Mint Set

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The Landcare / Water Is Life commemorative one dollar coin didn't really resonate with collectors when it first came out - they weren't particularly hard to get from circulation, the reverse design wasn't seen as being particularly inspiring and the theme wasn't one that the public particularly warmed to.

As the dollar mintmark coins have become more popular though, values of the Landcare dollars have risen over time.

As if that wasn't enough, since you'll never find a 20¢ piece dated 1993 in your change (they were only ever put in the mint and proof sets), this means the proof sets will be much tougher to get in years to come - a lot of them will be broken by collectors just wanting the 20¢ coins inside them.

The coins in this set are in perfect condition, the outer box may have some wear and tear. 

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