2002 Year of the Outback RAM 6 Coin Proof Set
2002 Year of the Outback RAM 6 Coin Proof Set
2002 Year of the Outback RAM 6 Coin Proof Set
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2002 Year of the Outback RAM 6 Coin Proof Set

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The Royal Australian Mint has released the first 2002 dated Collector coin sets which commemorates the Year of the Outback in 2002.

Two coins specifically commemorate the Outback theme. The $1 coin depicts the official Year of the Outback logo, whilst the 50c coin design features the wanes of a windmill. The coins are now available to the public as an integral part of year 2002 Collector coin sets.

The Year of the Outback aims to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of the Outback, and to give recognition to its contribution and importance in the life of the nation.

The logo for the Year of the Outback depicted on the $1 coin was designed by Elizabeth Robinson, a student at Charles Sturt University, Wagga, NSW. The logo depicts a stylised outline of Australia, with the top of the outline reflected in the nation's interior. The logo also incorporates the Southern Cross, a well-known symbol of Australia and guide for travellers over the ages. Reaching towards the Southern Cross are a series of trails, representing the stories or marks that were left first by Aborigines and then by white settlers, explorers and pioneers in the outback.

In proof versions, the $1 coin features the Year of the Outback logo in colour. The theme colours of the logo are blue and red, representing the night sky and red earth of the inland. This will be third year that colour has been used on proof versions of selected commemorative coins produced by the Royal Australian Mint.

The design of the commemorative 50c coin features a windmill, an icon of inland Australia. Windmills are scattered all over the Australian continent like tireless sentinels standing guard over precious water supplies that give and sustain life. The windmill is a fitting symbol of the outback - representing perseverance in a harsh environment, a sense of timelessness, and the contribution of the outback as a wellspring for the Australian ethos.

Coin Type: 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2,
Grade:   Proof
Year: 2002
Mint: Royal Australian Mint
Metal: Cupro-Nickel and Aluminium Bronze
Obverse: Elizabeth II (Ian Rank-Broadley)
**Note the image is a stock image of one of these proof sets. Being a pre loved items the packaging may have some light scuffs and marks.

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