2006 coin set
2006 40 Years of Decimal Currency Mint Set
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2006 40 Years of Decimal Currency Mint Set

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Issued by the Royal Australian Mint in 2008, this uncirculated mint set includes a special 20c coin depicting a partial view of the globe with a map of Australia and surrounding islands in a central circle. The outer circle features an artistic interpretation of tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and salinity.

The 2 coin set issued by the RAM in the 2008 two coin carded Uncirculated mint set with a standard Platypus 20 cent coin, and unique to this set one dollar coin, detailed with a stylised map of Australia with human hands showing the change we effect on the environment.
In excellent Uncirculated condition, presented in original card and plastic slip cover.
Always affordable, the presence of two extra coins makes this one-year 8-coin set sensational value – especially considering that there has been no increase in Official Issue Price from last year. As it joins a series where market values are rising even faster than the Proof Set series.

Honours 40th birthday of decimal currency.


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