2009 Australia Post 200 Years $1 PNC
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2009 Australia Post 200 Years $1 PNC

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2009 Australia Post 200 Years $1 PNC

2009 celebrated 200 years of the Australian postal service delivering letters and parcels to their destinations Australia wide. Australia's first post master Isaac Nichols took charge of packages arriving by ship at Sydney wharves working from his home in Sydney to deliver the mail.

It wasn't until the postal act of 1825 that the NSW Governor fixed postage prices appointing post masters outside Sydney allowing for a more organised postal service. Now, there are more than 16,000 post boxes on streets throughout Australia.

This 2009 uncirculated one dollar coin was only issued in a PNC by Australia Post and a two coin set by the Royal Australian Mint. The two coin set also features a proof $5 coin depicting Isaac Nichols' residence.


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