2011 Australian Bush Babies Koala $1 PNC
2011 Australian Bush Babies Koala $1 PNC
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2011 Australian Bush Babies Koala $1 PNC

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2011 Australian Bush Babies Koala $1 PNC

The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of Australia's best-known and most loved animals.

A mammal not a bear, the koala is still found from northern Queensland to southern Victoria and south-castern South Australia, although habitat has significantly reduced its distribution.

Most of the koala's time is spent in encalypt trees sleeping and feeding, although occasionally it travels along the ground. Its highly specialised diet comprises the leaves, some flowers and the stems of certain species of eucalypts. The eucalypt leaves are high both in fibre and moisture content and a koala may eat up to half a kilogram of leaves each day.

The baby koala is, like the baby kangaroo, called a joey and spends up to the first seven months of its life in its mother's pouch. When it has outgrown the pouch it rides on its mother's back, or rests against her chest learning survival skills.

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