2011 Centenary of Royal Australian Navy $1 PNC
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2011 Centenary of Royal Australian Navy $1 PNC

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2011 Centenary of Royal Australian Navy $1 PNC

The battle cruiser HMAS Australia (I), was the Royal Australian Navy's first flagship.

Built by the Scottish firm John Brown& Company Ltd, it was commissioned on 21 June 1913 and strongly signaled the Navy's status as a credible ocean-going force.

Within the year it was pressed into action, with the outbreak of World War I.

Its two major battel honours were at Rabaul, in 1914, and on the

North Sea, during 1915-18. After eight years service, it was decommissioned on 12 December 1921.

HMAS Sydney (IV) represents the strength of the Navy's current fleet. It is one of four guided-missile frigates, with the capacity to provide area air defence, anti-shipping and anti-Submarine warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction.

Commissioned on 29 January 1983, this surface combatant is the fourth to carry the name "Sydney" and has earned four battle honours.


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