2013 Australian Bush Babies Echidna $1 PNC
2013 Australian Bush Babies Echidna $1 PNC
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2013 Australian Bush Babies Echidna $1 PNC

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2013 Australian Bush Babies Echidna $1 PNC

The echidna, like the platypus, is an egg-laying mammal. There are only two species of echidna, one found in the highlands of New Guinea, and a smaller species that lives in Australia and also in New Guinea.

Most of the echidna's short, stocky body is covered with long pointed spines which act as a form of protection, for when under threat, it will pull its head in and curl up into a ball with its spines on show. lts main predators are dogs, eagles and dingos.

The echidna has an excellent sense of smell to help locate food supplies, a long snout between 7 and 8 cm - to break up litter, logs or mounds to reach food, claws to dig or burrow it out and a long tongue to which insects and termites stick.

The echidna is a largely solitary animal using its sense of smell to locate one another during the breeding season.

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