2013 Australian Bush Babies Kookaburra $1 PNC
2013 Australian Bush Babies Kookaburra $1 PNC
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2013 Australian Bush Babies Kookaburra $1 PNC

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2013 Australian Bush Babies Kookaburra $1 PNC

The kookaburra is best known for its call which often sounds like a manic laugh, although it has a very serious purpose.

It is to let other birds know of its territory, which is important for the kookaburra as it lives in the one place for most of its life and mates tor life.

The kookaburra belongs to the kingtisher family - in fact it is the worlds largest kingtisher, measuring up to 46 cm - and lives in forests, open woodlands, or on the edges of plains.

It has a varied diet including fish, small Snakes, lizards, rodents, worms, beetles and other insects.

The kookaburra uses a distinctive method for capturing and eating larger prey such as snakes and lizards.

It first swoops, catching the animal in its beak before using a bashing or dropping technique to kill it and soften it for eating.

  • Denomination: $1
  • Quality: Uncirculated
  • Metal: Al/Br
  • Mintage: Unlimited

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