2013 Australian Bush Babies Wombat $1 PNC
2013 Australian Bush Babies Wombat $1 PNC
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2013 Australian Bush Babies Wombat $1 PNC

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2013 Australian Bush Babies Wombat $1 PNC

Three species of wombats can be found in Australia, the most widespread of which is the Common Wombat. It is one of Australia's favourite marsupials- a stout, sturdy creature with a large, blunt head, small eyes and ears, and a short, muscular neck.

The wombat's sharp claws and stubby, powerful legs make it a great digger, particularly useful when building its burrow Burrows can be up to 30 meters long and house a number of wombats. Although capable of sharing burrows, wombats are much more aggressive abont protecting their feeding territory, marking it out with scent trails and droppings and scaring off or chasing intruders.

Largely nocturnal creatures, wombats graze on native grasses, sedges and the roots of shrubs and trees, often covering distances up to three kilometers a night.

Wombats have been known to live for up to 27 years in captivity.

  • Denomination: $1
  • Quality: Uncirculated
  • Metal: Al/Br
  • Mintage: Unlimited

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