2013 Bush Babies Ring Tailed Possum $1 PNC
2013 Bush Babies Ring Tailed Possum $1 PNC
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2013 Bush Babies Ring Tailed Possum $1 PNC

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The brush-tailed possum, a marsupial, is the most widely distributed possum in Australia.

Although it varies considerably in size and colour throughout its range, all brush-tails have a pink nose, long whiskers, large ears and sharp claws.

It is a nocturnal animal, whose diet encompasses leaves, buds, flowers and fruits. Like the echidna, the brush-tail leads a largely solitary life, staying close to home which is marked out by coating tree branches with a scent released from glands on their chests.

Possums will generally try to avoid each other, making threatening noises if others invade their space. If young possums stray across an adult's range they may be attacked.

The brush-tailed possum is found across Australia, where it is a largely protected species, and in New Zealand, where it was introduced in the 1830s, and is now considered a pest.

  • Stamp and coin illustration: Elise Martinson
  • Denomination: $1
  • Metal: al/br
  • Mint: Perth Mint

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