2014 Clever Australia Medi-mazing $1 Unc Coin
2014 Clever Australia Medi-mazing $1 Unc Coin
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2014 Clever Australia Medi-mazing $1 Unc Coin

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In 1912, Lawrence Bragg derived the equation for how to use x-rays to determine the atomic structure of crystals.

The science of crystallography then revolutionised the medical profession, with a technique that gave a wealth of insight into the structure of matter.

In 1915, Bragg and his father William were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their collaboration on this research.

This has been one of many times that bold Australian ideas have led to important medical developments: the pacemaker (which has kept hearts beating), penicillin (which has defeated many a bacterial infection), IVF embryo freezing (which has given life’s greatest gift to many parents) and spray-on skin for burns victims (which has enabled speedy recoveries).

This coin celebrates these amazing achievements, and reminds us all of the importance of having big ideas and bigger dreams.

Inaugural coin in the RAM’s Clever Australia series

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