2014 Things That Sting 'Bull Ant' $1 PNC
2014 Things That Sting 'Bull Ant' $1 PNC
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2014 Things That Sting 'Bull Ant' $1 PNC

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2014 Things That Sting 'Bull Ant' $1 PNC

Australia has numerous insects and animals that sting or bite as a form of defence, six of which are featured un this year's Stamp Collecting Issue, Things That Sting. Many species of Bull Ant (genus Myrmecia) can be found throughout Australia. They are large and aggressive and many are brightly coloured.

Bull Ants nest underground in extensive tunnel networks and will defend these nests with great determination. When attacking, a Bull Ant grips with its mandibles, curls its abdomen to reveal the sting, then injects the intruder with venom.
While stings are generally painful rather than dangerous, immediate medical attention should be sought if there is evidence of an allergic or anaphylactic reaction.

This PNC features a 70c commemorative Australia Post Stamp along with the Royal Australian Mint $1 uncirculated coin which forms part of an Australia Post Issue of Things That Sting!.

Last seen in its natural habitat of south-east Queensland and New South Wales, the bull ant is believed to be dwelling in the elaborate underground nests with two or three guard ants serving as loyal bouncers. This ant is alleged to be the ringleader of a ruthless food network : extracting liquids from bees and other ants, and feeding the leftovers to its larvae.

Postmarked first day of issue 23 September 2014 Hastings VIC 3915.

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