2015 Alphabet Collection 'R' $1 Silver Proof
2015 Alphabet Collection 'R' $1 Silver Proof
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2015 Alphabet Collection 'R' $1 Silver Proof

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The alphabet is familiar yet timeless, which makes it the perfect theme for a coin collection.

Through beautiful examples of coin art, a reminder of one’s childhood has been created to give as a gift to the young and old for all occasions.

The captivating designs of each coin feature a coloured letter from A-Z, with the addition of corresponding Australian animals, as well as hidden objects beginning with the same letter.

These unique pieces encourage gifting an initial or spelling a name.


The Letter R Coin features the remarkably radiant Rosella, playfully interacting with the letter R.

Other interesting items starting with the letter R including a rocket, a ruler and a rope are cleverly hidden in the coin design to add detail and fun.

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