2015 Centenary of the Gallipoli Landing $5 Silver Proof Coin
2015 Centenary of the Gallipoli Landing $5 Silver Proof Coin
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2015 Centenary of the Gallipoli Landing $5 Silver Proof Coin

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In 2015, the 100th anniversary of the first Gallipoli Landing will be marked with the release of two new collectible coins.

Collectors can own a commemorative piece of history, in silver and gold capturing the memory of our Gallipoli fallen with the likeness of the Lone Pine tree. Australian troops spent eight months fighting on Gallipoli after the first landing on 25th April 1915. Of the 26,000 casualties the Australians sustained, 8000 died.

Australian troops fought costly actions at The Nek, Lone Pine and in the foothills of Hill 971, with very little gain. However, they thwarted a Turkish counterattack in May and participated in a failed offensive in August, before evacuating in December 1915 A memorial at the Lone Pine cemetery records the names of 5,000 Australians and New Zealanders with no known graves, who died during the eight month campaign.

For decades Australians of an adventurous spirit have ventured to the site of Lone Pine to pay respects to the many lost and wounded in this conflict. Others have sought out the Lone Pine symbolically planted in Canberra, when the Australian War Memorial was just land set aside in an open paddock. For each of us it is a symbol of remembrance during this 100th Anniversary of the first Gallipoli Landing.

Intricate design layers imagery from the Lone Pine Memorial above ANZAC Cover in Turkey, to amplify the sense of remembrance with which we look back upon the landing of Gallipoli. Presented in the Mint’s latest presentation cases with printed packaging reflecting the theme of remembrance with an emotive design.

Limited Mintage of Only 10,000

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