2015 Lunar Year of the Goat 50c Carded
2015 Lunar Year of the Goat 50c Carded
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2015 Lunar Year of the Goat 50c Carded

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2015 Lunar Year of the Goat 50c Carded

As the Chinese Lunar Calendar ushers in the Year of the Goat, the Royal Australian mint’s tetra-decagon lunar program continues with its fourth annual release.

This unique coin shape is used exclusively in this series, which generates excitement in the Chinese New Year gift market and to lunar coin collectors. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a twelve-year cycle. Each year is represented by a different animal with its own distinct personality.

People born within each lunar year are believed to possess the qualities of that year’s animal, using those traits to achieve success and happiness throughout life.

On 19 February 2015, the Chinese Lunar Calendar will be welcoming the Year of the Goat. People born under this sign are most creative souls, and are known to be gentle charming, sensitive, curious and intelligent. They are also said to possess a special sensitivity to art, beauty and faith, with the wisdom to acquire everything needed for a balanced life.

  • Denomination : 50c
  • Quality : Uncirculated
  • Metal :  Cupro Nickel
  • Mintage : Unlimited

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