2016 50c Vietnam War 1962-1975 50c PNC
2016 50c Vietnam War 1962-1975 50c PNC
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2016 50c Vietnam War 1962-1975 50c PNC

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Australia entered the Vietnam War (1955-75) in 1962 in support of USA and its allies who were attempting to defend democracy and stem the spread of communism. 

After years of conflict, in April 1975 South Vietnam fell to the forces of communist North Vietnam. When Australian troops were withdrawn in 1971, almost 60,000 Australians had served in Vietnam. 

521 Australian servicemen died and over 3,000 were wounded.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, which took place on 18 August 1966.

108 soldiers of the 1st Australian Task Force defeated 1,500-2,500 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese units. In the brutal fighting, 18 Australians lost their lives and 24 were wounded. 

An estimated 245 Viet Cong were killed, Vietnam Veterans Day, celebrated every year on this day throughout Australia, commemorates the Battle of Long Tan and all those who served during the Vietnam War.

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