2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey 50c Carded
2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey 50c Carded
2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey 50c Carded
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2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey 50c Carded

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2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey 50c Carded 

As the Chinese Lunar Calendar ushers in the Year of the Monkey, the Royal Australian Mint’s tetra-decagon lunar program celebrates its fifth annual release. Coin collectors, gift buyers and Chinese zodiac enthusiasts in Australia and overseas will covet this tribute to the mischievous and witty people born under this sign.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a twelve-year cycle, with each year represented by an animal with its own distinct personality. People born in each lunar year are believed to possess that animal’s qualities, using its traits to achieve success and happiness throughout life.

On 8 February 2016, the Chinese Lunar Calendar will be welcoming the Year of the Monkey. Those born under this sign can be cheeky and eccentric, they are also fun-loving, curious, intelligent and passionate. With an understanding nature and a sympathetic ear, they are ideal companions at times of fun, times of sorrow and times of confusion. Chinese New Year celebrations are colourful reminders of how cherished coins are.

They are traditional gifts at these events, and are beloved mementos of the festivities. The fifth annual release in the popular tetra-decagon lunar series Unique 14 sided shape used only in this series Each coin is presented in an attractive red and gold packaging to symbolise joy and good fortune.

  • Denomination :    50c
  • Quality :              Uncirculated
  • Metal :                Cupro Nickel
  • Mintage :             50,000

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