2018 Lest We Forget $2 C&C Roll (Eternal Flame)
2018 Lest We Forget $2 C&C Roll (Eternal Flame)
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2018 Lest We Forget $2 C&C Roll (Eternal Flame)

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The Australian War Memorial's Eternal Flame rests within the Pool of Reflection in the Memorial's courtyard. It is a moving symbol for remembrance in Australia: constantly burning, never to be extinguished. Just as we will never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in times of War.

Based on a prototype by sculptor Lee Kossatz, the Eternal Flame has been installed at water level - this way, it looks as though the flames themselves are gently rising from within the pool's depths.

Conveying this sense of contrast in legal tender would be no mean feat. But through piercing blue, dusky red and golden hues, the RAM's $2 coin captures both the flames and the pool brilliantly.

Vivid, poignant and superbly struck, the 2018 $2 Eternal Flame Al-Br Coin is a stirring tribute to those who fought - and those who were lost - during times of conflict. Fans of the Royal Australian Mint's coloured $2 coins will be mesmerised by the eye-catching, full-colour motif on display. With a message for all Australians, this legal tender release is the whole package: affordable, meaningful and a visual delight.

All coins are guaranteed to be uncirculated and have been professionally rolled by Cotton and Co.

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