2018 Porky Pig $1 PNC
2018 Porky Pig $1 PNC
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2018 Porky Pig $1 PNC

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The Perth Mint and Australia Post have released this stamp and coin cover featuring Porky Pig.

Porky Pig was Warner Bros. first cartoon superstar, symbolising Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies in the era of black and white animation.

Porky Pig debuted in the 1935 short I Haven’t Got a Hat. He starred in dozens of films before the decade was out. The coin’s reverse portrays PORKY PIG in colour with his arms outstretched beneath the inscriptions “That’s all Folks!” and “PORKY PIG”,

Celebrating the fact that the lunar Year of the Pig falls in both 1935 and 2019, the design also includes the Chinese character for ‘pig’.

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