2019 Jody Clark $2 Cotton & Co Roll (25 Coins)
2019 Jody Clark $2 Cotton & Co Roll (25 Coins)
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2019 Jody Clark $2 Cotton & Co Roll (25 Coins)

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2019 marks start of the transition of Australian coins being produced with the new effigy designed by Jody Clark. This transition period will be completed by 2020. The new effigy is only the sixth coin portrait to have been created during the Queen's reign.

The new effigy marks over 100 years since a coin designer has made a definitive coinage portrait. The introduction of a new effigy is largely symbolic and is in keeping with the tradition of periodically updating Her Majesty’s image on Commonwealth coinage.

The effigy was designed by Jody Clark; an engraver for the Royal Mint located in Wales, UK. Jody Clark’s original effigy was chosen through a closed competition commissioned by the Royal Mint Advisory Committee in 2015.

Interim mintage has this coin as one of the lowest ever.

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