2019 Repatriation $2 'C' Mint Mark
2019 Repatriation $2 'C' Mint Mark
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2019 Repatriation $2 'C' Mint Mark

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2019 Repatriation $2 'C' Mint Mark

This 2019 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark Uncirculated coloured coin recognises the 1919 Australian Repatriation Department, which undertook the massive task of repatriating Australian servicemen and women after the First World War.

Tens of thousands of servicemen and nurses were provided with vital support and services. This coin, appealing to military and history enthusiasts, commemorates the centenary of this crucial achievement.

In 1919 the Repatriation Department was created by the Australian government to facilitate the repatriation of tens of thousands of soldiers and nurses, many of whom bore the physical and psychological scars of war.

The Department provided war pensions, a soldier settlement scheme, and other vital services such as healthcare, education, housing and official commemorations.

Australian servicemen and women, and their families, is now carried out by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The centenary of the vital task of repatriation is celebrated with this 2019 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark uncirculated coloured coin.

  • Year: 2018
  • Coin Type: Coloured $2 Coin
  • Mintmark: Yes
  • Grade: Uncirculated
  • Mint: Royal Australian Mint
  • Mintage: 40,000
  • Metal: Aluminium Bronze

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